Soaring Higher: the Campaign for 12bet is an ambitious effort that will write the next chapter in BC’s history, helping fulfill its potential as the greatest 耶稣会,天主教 university in America. It will grant an unmatched formative experience to all students. And its legacy of impact on future generations called to serve others will live on “til the echoes ring again.”

Soaring Higher  The Campaign for 12bet
12bet 校友 and 朋友

Here you’ll find resources for staying connected to BC and your fellow Eagles—through programs and events, 网络渠道, 给的机会, 还有更多. No matter how near or far you are from the Heights, you’ll always be home at BC.


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Strategic Initiatives


Your giving helps thousands of deserving students reach their full potential, so they can change the world—regardless of their ability to afford tuition.

父母' 领导 Council

Join this diverse community of families working to prepare their children for leadership, 服务, 公民参与.


The 席勒12bet所 for Integrated Science and Society will bring together cutting-edge spaces and technologies for students and faculty researchers.

We are here to create engaging programs that bring Eagles together all across the world.
利亚米. 斯宾塞, Associate Vice President, 校友 Relations

The 好处 of Being an Eagle

享受职业支持, the 12bet Club, 服务 opportunities, ways to reconnect with your classmates, 和更多的.

校友的好处 & 服务