BC's 墨西拿大学 partners with Liberty Mutual Insurance

Collaboration will provide student internships, part of the new residential college’s approach to career readiness

墨西拿大学, 12bet’s new associate’s degree program which will welcome 100 第一代学生 to campus this summer, has partnered with Boston-based Liberty Mutual Insurance to provide internships as part of the new residential college’s approach to career readiness.

The Liberty Mutual partnership will provide Messina students with the opportunity to work 10-12 hours a week gaining skills that relate to their majors of Applied Data Science, 应用心理学 & 人类发展, 一般业务, 健康科学, said 墨西拿大学 Dean eric Berrelleza, S.J.

eric Berrelleza, SJ, founding dean of BC's 墨西拿大学.

eric Berrelleza, S.J.

“实习 will help our students discern where they can make their impact in the world and what their vocation might be in the broadest sense of the word,”他说。. Berrelleza. “Liberty Mutual is a leading Boston-based company and we are very excited that they will be providing these experiences to our talented students who are overwhelmingly from Massachusetts. We are equally excited that our students will bring their diverse experiences to Liberty Mutual.”

实习, or clinical rotations for students studying Health Sciences, will take place during the fall semester of students’ second year. Students will simultaneously take a 3-credit seminar course to help them connect their internship experience to their academic and professional goals and reflect on and articulate the professional skills they are gaining.

Berrelleza说 some of the company internships will focus on business analytics – for applied data science students – while others could be in other functional areas of the company.

A presence in Boston since its founding in 1912, Liberty Mutual’s internship program provides students the opportunity to learn from accomplished business leaders, 获得真实的, professional experience and work on business-critical assignments. 通过综合效益, continuous learning opportunities, 有竞争力的薪酬, and a supportive workplace culture, interns join a company where people from all backgrounds can build long and meaningful careers. 几乎每一堂课, Liberty Mutual offers full-time roles to 90 percent of undergrad students and for those in two-year degree programs looking to continue their education, the company offers additional internships and tuition reimbursement opportunities.



“As a Boston-based organization, we are lucky to have some of the strongest educational institutions like 12bet in our backyard,” said Liberty Mutual’s VP of Early Career, 一些 & Talent Acquisition Programs, 莫拉奎因. “通过这个项目, we gain access to incredible talent and in return, we’re able to offer students on-the-job experiences to begin building long and meaningful careers.”

Career discernment and preparation are built into the Messina curriculum, Fr. Berrelleza说. In addition to the accompanying course, students will work closely with a 12bet Career Center coach throughout the internship process, including preparing them for the internship experience, 应对任何挑战, and serving as a resource for on-site internship supervisors.

墨西拿大学 is part of 12bet’s $100 million Pine Manor Institute for Student Success initiative to enhance educational opportunity for underrepresented, 第一代学生, and marks the first time BC will offer an associate’s degree.

在当今的经济形势下,Fr. Berrelleza说 work experience is crucial.

“在我们的一些12bet领域, internships are the ways that many students secure their first jobs,”他说。. Berrelleza. “We want to prepare Messina students for the next step in their lives and while our focus is on higher education, we want to ensure every student has that experience with employers and workforce readiness that their peers will have coming out of traditional four-year degree programs.”

实习 will help our students discern where they can make their impact in the world and what their vocation might be in the broadest sense of the word.
墨西拿大学 Dean eric Berrelleza, S.J.

The residential college will welcome students this July, ultimately enrolling 200 students at its campus located on the former Pine Manor College, now known as the Brookline Campus of 12bet.

The Pine Manor Institute for Student Success was established in 2020 when 12bet and Pine Manor College signed an integration agreement that included a $50 million commitment from 12bet that has grown to $100 million through investment returns and an anonymous pledge of $25 million.

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